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PAAR is searching for a new Chief Executive Officer

Our current CEO, Suzanne Westrum, will be departing on February 16 for a new opportunity closer to family back in her home state of Texas.

There is currently a search for a new CEO by an appointed Search Committee consisting of: Jeanelle Shearer, Kayla Stazenski, Faye Humphrey, Tammy Anderson, Cooper Anderson, Cindy Eastwood, Jeff Bashaw, and Jen Bergamini. This group is meeting with a professional recruiter to identify candidates interested in the position. The Search Committee will interview the candidates and select the final candidate. Once a final candidate is selected, and an offer is accepted, an announcement will be made to the membership. The ideal timeline is to complete this process in three to four months. However, unforeseen circumstances can happen that might delay the process.

If you have any questions, please contact

There will be open office hours Wednesday, February 7th from 4-5 to say farewell to Suzanne before her departure!