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PAAR Members Deliver Joy in Honor of 2023 National Volunteer Days!

Prescott Area Association of REALTORS® partners with Prescott Meals on Wheels for REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors

In June, the Prescott Area Association of REALTORS® partnered with Prescott Meals on Wheels to put together and deliver care packages to home-bound residents. Over 350 care packages were delivered across the city of Prescott in under three hours with the help of REALTORS®, our Affiliate members, and other local volunteers. 

The Care Package Drive was organized by PAAR's Community Service and Outreach Committee, lead by member Eddie Rea. With the help of Chair Shari Howard and Vice Chair Audra Farnsworth, the committee reached out to Prescott's Meals On Wheels program Director Bert Ijams to partner up. Together, they decided to deliver not only home-cooked meals to the program's home-bound clients, but care packages from their "neighbors" in the Quad-Cities REALTOR® community.

In order to fill care packages, the committee reached out to our members requesting donations and help preparing the packages. Dozens of REALTOR® and Affiliate members donated items for the packages, with over 25 volunteering to help put each care package together on Friday, June 9th during a packing and pizza party at the PAAR office in Prescott.

On Monday, June 12th, the care packages were transported to Meals on Wheels after fresh flowers were added to each package as a final touch. After hours of preparation, on Tuesday, June 13th, the care packages and meals were delivered over the span of 3 hours by 12 PAAR volunteers to the home-bound clients of Prescott.

Prior to PAAR's efforts during the REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors initiative, a food drive was held on May 25th in Chino Valley. The food drive raised $1,800 in donations and collected six 32 gallon bins of non-perishables in six hours, directly benefitting the Chino Valley food bank. 

PAAR is honored to have been a part of both the food drive and to have partnered with Meals on Wheels for the care package drive.

A special thank you to our donors and volunteers:

Abby Lee Farms - Alyce Ayers - Amy Crawford - Audra Farnsworth - Bing Batten - Cheryl Stevenson - Donna Youngsma - Eddie Rea - Elizabeth Kennedy - Faye Humphrey - Gayle McCarthy - Jinger Cutting - Joel Shuflin - Josephine Dunn - Joyce Larkin - Julie Ruttle - Justin Ixie - Kirsten Olson  Martha Gonzalez - Michael Hunt - Roger Skaggs - Shari Howard - Sherri Batten

Thank you to Meals On Wheels, and congratulations on celebrating 50 years of service to the city of Prescott!

Watch a video highlighting REALTORS® Are Good Neighbors below and check out some photos of a few volunteers in action, too!