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How to Access the PAAR Membership Portal to Pay Dues/Fees and Sign Up for Classes!

Hey PAAR Members! If you are new or haven’t used the PAAR Membership Portal to pay your dues/fees and sign up for classes before, don’t worry, we’ve got you! Check out the following visual guide below!

There are two main locations where you can access your PAAR Membership Portal:

1. In the dashboard; no need to log in, just click the link:










2. There’s also a link to the Portal on the front page of; if you can’t access, this is how you get in:








Here is the login page for the Portal after you use that link. Your username is your PAAR ID that you use to enter the MLS, and your default password is your last name in lowercase letters. You can then change your password by editing your profile in the Portal:















Now lets take a look at the PAAR Membership Portal itself!





















Use any of these tabs and drop down menu links to review and edit your profile and account information, sign up for upcoming classes and events, and review what you are signed up for!









Regardless of whether you need to pay dues or sign up for a class, the payment system is all the same! Streamlined, convenient, and easy to use!