PAAR is proud to support Stand Up for Prescott and Prop. 443

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PAAR is proud to support Stand Up for Prescott and Prop. 443

The Prescott Area Association of REALTORS® is concerned about the health and safety of the community and the ripple effects that will result if our emergency services are not properly funded. This is why our organization is standing in support of Proposition 443.

Our Government Issues Committee and our Board of Directors have extensively studied the issue and we believe the Prescott City Council has exhausted all other options before creating this plan. We are confident this is not only the best option, but the fairest option for all involved whether they call Prescott home fulltime, part-time, or are just visiting.

The reality is that the City of Prescott is in a position where we must act to eliminate this financial liability. We all understand the repercussions of maxing out your credit card and only making the minimum payment. This situation is no different. If we do not act our city will suffer the consequences well into the future. The City of Prescott has already cut back these vital services and that is an unacceptable option.

As REALTORS® we feel we have a social responsibility to preserve the future of our community. If we do not adequately provide for our police, fire and EMT services, we will no longer be the desirable community we have become accustomed to.

This issue is not about adding a luxury service for our city. This issue is about continuing to reduce vital emergency services and diminishing the quality of the individuals we have providing these services. We all rely on these emergency services and each of us must understand that without this tax increase Prescott will no longer be the home we all desire. PAAR encourages you to vote yes of Proposition 443.


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