Things Every PAAR Member Should Know About Using “REALTOR®”

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Things Every PAAR Member Should Know About Using “REALTOR®”

Hey everyone! This past Friday was New Member Orientation! Congratulations to all the new members!

For those who are interested in reviewing the presentations on using the word “REALTOR®” and tips for using Facebook, this post and its sequel are just what you need!


  • The term REALTOR®, whether used as part of a domain or in some other fashion, must be used with a members name or a members firm name.
  • The term REALTOR® may not be used with descriptive words or phrases. For example,,,, or are all incorrect.
  • The term REALTOR® should never be used to denote an occupation or business. Do not combine words like “your,” “my,” “ours,” or any descriptive word or phrase between your name and the membership mark. For example, and are both incorrect.
  • For use as a domain name or email address on the internet, the term REALTOR® does not need to be separated from the members name or firm name with punctuation. For example, and would be correct uses of the term as a part of a domain name; & are correct uses of the term as personal email address.
  • The Realtor and REALTOR® “R” logo should not be used as a hypertext link at a website, as such uses can suggest an endorsement or recommendation of the linked website by your association. The only exception would be to establish a link to the National Association’s website,, or its official property listing site,
  • There is a publicly accepted use of all lowercase letters when writing domain names, even those containing trademarks. Therefore, for the purposes of domain names and internet addresses only, there is an exception to the rule on capitalization of the term REALTOR® and it may appear in lowercase letters.

I hope this is helpful to all of you! For a more detailed coverage of this topic, check out the following links, and stay tuned for Part 2, “What to Post & Facebook Tips”:

Realtor -vs- Real Estate Agent. When is it Appropriate to Use the Term Realtor?


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