What to Post on Your Business Page, and Facebook Tips!

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What to Post on Your Business Page, and Facebook Tips!

What to Post on Your Business Page

  • Links to your blog post
  • Photos & videos of your community
  • Upcoming events or activities in your area such as listing tips or upcoming festivals
  • News articles, housing news, mortgage news, new rules and regulations from local newspapers, NAR posts, your state and local association news letters
  • Posts about things you like to do. This makes you appear human and real, and thus make people more comfortable engaging you
  • Market statistics and informative commentary
  • Ask questions. Doesn’t have to be real estate, maybe do a survey about the best restaurant for Valentines Day
  • Share a list of your local favorite “things,” like favorite bars, favorite restaurants, favorite businesses, etc.
  • Share anecdotal stories about what’s happened in your business such as multiple offers, new lists, etc. However, be careful not to violate confidentiality and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • If you are posting listings on your personal page, be aware that is considered spamming, and you run the risk of being shut down without notice. Make sure to create a separate business page.
  • Last, but certainly not least, share your listings, but don’t just say that it’s a 3 bed 2 bath for $450,000. Instead, tell readers what makes that house unique. For example, its location, the house is custom built, a celebrity once lived there, etc.

Other Facebook Beginner Tips

  • As you find interesting and relevant content, save it, and when it is time to post you have stuff that is ready to go. This is especially helpful when scheduling in advance.
  • Optimal posting is two times per day, 7 days a week. Constant, but not excessive.

Want high reach for free?

  • The words ‘congratulations’ and ‘thank you’ get super high reach.
  • When you upload 2-3 pictures for one post, Facebook automatically thinks you are celebrating & helps you get noticed.
  • Talk about new things such as a new car, new job, new houses, etc.
  • Use LikeAlyzer to see how you can improve your page.
  • Ask questions. Facebook actually tracks how often you ask questions and engage with your followers.
  • Always reply. The faster the better. Facebook rewards you for this too.
  • Videos. People really respond to videos of events more than static images or text.


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