PAAR Three-Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

PAAR Three-Year Strategic Plan


Area 1:Governance Area 2: Communications
Area 3: Government Affairs Area 4:Community Relations
Area 5:Professional & Career Development Area 6: MLS

Area 1: Governance

Strategic Purpose: Utilizing sound fiscal responsibility, PAAR develops leadership, optimizes strategic alliances, leverages assets and is proactive in its initiatives to best position the Association for the future.

Strategic Objective 1A: PAAR identifies, trains, and nurtures both current and future leaders to best position the Association for growth and success.

1A1: Develop a skills database of REALTOR members.

1A2: Educate volunteers regarding expectations and responsibilities to the Association.

Strategic Objective 1B: PAAR cultivates relationships with Area/Regional Associations through collaborative strategic alliances that will ultimately solidify its future.

1B1: Interact with associations within our region

1B2: Develop stronger relationships with commercial, property management, business brokers, appraisers and businesses related to our industry.

Strategic Objective 1C: The operations and facility of PAAR incorporates a highly competent staff, state of the art facility and effective governance structure to run its business effectively.

1C1: Review and maintain all corporate and governing documents.

1C2: Create a task force to analyze the pros/cons of lease vs. own of the Association facility.

1C3: Further organize the structure of committees and task forces.

Strategic Objective 1D: PAAR has a comprehensive financial strategy that demonstrates fiscal responsibility & positions the Association for the future through the financial commitment to its Strategic Plan.

1D1: Continue fiscal responsibility, operational efficiency, accounting procedures, compliance with NAR Core Standards and improving where possible to ensure financial health of the association.

1D2: Create additional reserves.

Area 2: Communications

Strategic Purpose: PAAR communicates to its members and the communities we serve that we are the most accurate and reliable source of Real Estate information.

Strategic Objective 2A: PAAR communicates in a timely & consistent manner with its members.  Our members receive relevant information that is integral to the success of their business.

2A1: Develop single point of reference calendar.

2A2: Develop formal communication plans.  (Member, disaster).

2A3: Continue to provide a platform for members to receive and give information and feedback.

Strategic Objective 2B: PAAR communicates timely, relevant and comprehensive industry information to the markets it serves.

2B1: Cultivate strategic alliances with key community organizations to increase awareness of PAAR’s value position.  (Chambers, media, charities, businesses).

Strategic Objective 2C: PAAR uses multiple modes of communication to exchange information with its members & the communities we serve.

2C1: PAAR communicates through a vast array of targeted and general communications

2C2: Develop formal communication plans.  (external, disaster)

Strategic Objective 2D: PAAR continually communicates its value proposition to the communities we serve about the value Realtors deliver to the real estate transaction and beyond.

2D1: Realtor spotlight on their good works, PAAR communicates market reports, statistics and legislative wins initiative.

2D2: PAAR communicates market reports, statistics and legislative initiative wins.

2D3: PAAR promotes the value of using a Realtor.

2D4: PAAR publicizes Realtor successes in continuing education, earning designations, specialty training.

Area 3: Government Affairs

Strategic Purpose: PAAR has a culture of advocacy for public issues impacting real estate and is a dominant political force in the community.

Strategic Objective 3A: PAAR is the leading voice of advocacy for private property rights and real estate related industries.

3A1: Identify relevant issues

3A2: Establish methods of distribution of the messages.

3A3: Establish relationships with related industries to exchange information.

Strategic Objective 3B: PAAR has RAPAC trustees who identify candidates that merit financial support.

3B1: Establish Trustees

3B2: PAAR is the leading voice of advocacy for private property rights and real estate related industries.


Strategic Objective 3C: PAAR has a governmental affairs director who partners with key REALTOR contacts to cultivate & maintain relationships with political figures within our community.

3C1: Establish criteria for GAD

Strategic Objective 3D: PAAR has a membership culture that is financially committed to investing in the political advocacy of the real estate industry.

3D1: Establish programs to educate Realtors and Affiliates.

3D2: Celebrate major investors/recognize and honor.

Strategic Objective 3E: PAAR has developed strategic alliances with other area associations and organizations, both in and outside of our industry to support Realtor Party initiatives.

3E1: Identify strategic partners

3E2: Establish methods of sharing information and process with strategic partners.

3E3: Establish funding of strategic alliances/initiatives

Area 4: Community Relations

Strategic Purpose: Our communities sees PAAR as the trusted real estate resource, advocate of choice, and the essential community partner.

Strategic Objective 4A: Community Investment: PAAR recognizes that our members are widely involved in the community & seeks out opportunities to publicly celebrate their good works.

4A1: Provide opportunity for members

4A2: Continue to sponsor current organizations

4A3: Increase participation in community events.

4A4: Explore other avenues of participation

4A5: Utilize grants for future involvement and identify charities.

4A6: Continue to develop collaborative relationships.

Strategic Objective 4B: The public partners with REALTORS® to actively advocate for real estate property rights and legislative initiatives that impact the communities we serve.

4B1: Publish statistical reports and market updates.

4B2: Develop periodic real estate articles for print and social media.

4B3: Continue NAR/REALTORS® advertisements with a PAAR tag line.

4B4: Increase REALTOR® brand through public awareness.

Strategic Objective 4C: Foundation: PAAR has a charitable foundation

4C1: Review best practices of existing real estate foundations.

4C2: Provide funding mechanisms

4C3: Develop criteria for selection of charities and volunteers without conflict of interest.

4C4: Monitor distribution and use of funds

4C5: Establish a workgroup task force

Area 5: Professional & Career Development

Strategic Purpose: PAAR delivers career development programs and opportunities to serve the spectrum of interests and needs of its membership

Strategic Objective 5A: PAAR has a state approved school providing curriculum for all levels of practitioners in the Real Estate profession.

5A1: Research options through ADRE

5A2: Establish budget guidelines

5A3:  Develop policies and criteria, and evaluation process

Strategic Objective 5B: PAAR strives to meet the educational requirements and needs of each specific target member segment.

5B1: Create pre-licensing classes that incorporate different styles/modes of learning to maximize the pass rate of students

5B2: PAAR delivers a dynamic on-boarding curriculum for new licensees in a recruitment free environment that partners with brokerages to support their monitoring /training efforts

5B3: PAAR delivers advanced career development courses with/without CE that continues to evaluate the professional proficiencies of members.

5B4: PAAR is committed to satisfy the need of team leaders/managers and brokers by providing complete curriculum of general and advanced business courses that help them minimize risk and increase profitability.

5B5: PAAR recognizes the diversity of its members by offering specialty courses that align with practitioner’s area of expertise.

Strategic Objective 5C: PAAR delivers specific leadership development programs that cultivates current and future leaders.

5C1: Identify local and state

5C2: Establish committee to start development of a leader education.

5C3: Collaborate with other associations/organizations

Strategic Objective 5D: In addition to providing education on existing technologies, PAAR proactively identifies emerging technology services and opportunities.

5D1: Solicit members and staff feedback regarding technology needs.

5D2: Identify relevant and beneficial technology.

Strategic Objective 5E: In addition to advanced professional development curriculum, PAAR is committed to offering round tables and forums for a variety of membership segments.

5E1: Identify who makes up “specialty groups”

5E2: Assemble a task force for a variety of membership segments.

Area 6: MLS

Strategic Purpose: PAAR participates in a robust MLS system that positions the Association to move forward with the most current technologies & best operational model possible.

Strategic Objective 6A: To increase the data integrity for its members, PAAR continues to enhance and expand the current MLS system to create a product that is very friendly, current and relevant to today’s business.

6A1: MLS incorporate: Transform committee from MLS into sole ownership corporation.

6A2: Identify and increase non-due revenue and evaluate the financial impact on the Association of potential MLS dissolvement.

6A3: Explore and enhance products and services to add to our value proposition.

6A4: Evaluate your governing documents & policies and procedures for effectiveness and enforcement to minimize risk for the corporation.

Strategic Objective 6B: PAAR is open to exploration and collaboration efforts with other Association or MLS entities that offers alternative MLS solutions for its members.

6B1: Explore current successful models for best practices of other MLS entities.

6B2: Reach out to other area associations and MLS who might be interested in collaborating to secure MLS services.

6B3: Ensure members of all involved organizations are thoroughly informed and educated about what purposed changes are on the table.

6B4: Create an execution plan to implement decision.

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