FlexMLS Tip of the Week- GIS Map Overlays

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FlexMLS Tip of the Week- GIS Map Overlays

We recently negotiated the purchase of the GIS (Geographic Information System) data set from the Yavapai County GIS Department.  The data contains several “layers” that we will be utilizing over the next several months that can provide a variety of new features in our MLS system.  The first of these, Imagery Parcel Map Overlays, is online and ready to use.  Here’s how it works:

    1. In the FlexMLS system, click on the “Menu” tab right under the FlexMLS logo.
    2. Under “Daily Functions” select “Flexmls Maps” and zoom in on the map over a populated area until you can see individual properties depicted.
    3. In the upper right corner of the map, click on the drop-down tab called “Overlays” and you will see a list that includes Counties, Flood Zones, Imagery Parcels, and Zip Codes.  “Imagery Parcels” is the new choice on the list.  When you select it, you should see the street address numbers appear over the property depictions on the map.  If you don’t see them, zoom in a bit further and they will appear.
    4. In the middle of the bottom bar of the window, you will see a tool bar with a blue circle that has an “i” inside of it.  Click on that tool, and then click on a property depiction.
    5. The parcel will turn red, the property measurements and a bubble popup will appear.  Inside the bubble popup will be the MLS listing history with links to current and prior MLS listings (if any), a thumbnail photo of the property (if available), the address and parcel number, a Neighborhood link (demographic info if available) and the Monsoon data link.  The nice thing about this feature is that you don’t need to have a listing number to search the data.  You can just click on any property, and check on neighboring properties right from the map.

Our next feature addition (around mid-September) will add subdivision data and will give us the ability to start synchronizing our data with the County data set.  Eventually, we will add a link in the balloon popup to “Start New Listing” and when selected, the system will auto-fill, with data integrity checks, a large portion of the static information for a new listing for you.

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